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"Off the Shelf" Prefabricated Assemblies

Fully Assembled    Pre-Spliced    Ready to Install

Order as many assemblies as you need!


Our Off the Shelf Assemblies are fully customizable - tell us your specs and we'll build it! Lead time depends on current stock.


Click on an icon to choose from one of our four assembly types:

Stud-to-Stud Electrical Assembly
Kick-in Electrical Assembly
Cut-in Electrical Assembly
Bracket Electrical Assembly





Fast installation benefits for devices at any height

Stud-to-Stud Assemblies can be built with a fixed width (16” or 24”) bracket or with an adjustable bracket for unique or irregular framing.


Call (408) 915-PFAB or email inquiry@delucchielectric.com to order!





Ideal for all of your in-wall needs at 18” or less – no measuring required!

This means one less tool to carry, take out and use. Since the bracket sets the device height, all receptacles are set to an identical height.


Call (408) 915-PFAB or email inquiry@delucchielectric.com to order!





Ideal for service work and tenant improvement projects

Need to add a device to an existing wall? Simply cut a hole in the sheetrock and run your included MC whip up the wall!


Call (408) 915-PFAB or email inquiry@delucchielectric.com to order!



Bracket Box


These classic assemblies are great for any application.  

Bracket Boxes are a simple and cost-effective prefab solution!


Call (408) 915-PFAB or email inquiry@delucchielectric.com to order!